Live Sessions

What to Expect

The goal of our working together is to support you in discovering and learning about your type and that of others with whom you interact and to learn how this knowledge can be applied and used to benefit you in many areas of your life.

Our first session together begins with focusing on reviewing and assessing and, if necessary, adjusting the results of your personality test results. Future work evolves. After the first call, I like to follow a 3 step process I call the 3 ‘C’s.

  • Check-in: How are you, what’s new, what should we know?
  • Check-up: How did the homework go – what can we learn from that?
  • Challenge: What would you like to address this session?
    Typically, the majority of the call is allocated to the Challenge section, but as always, the client’s needs supersede any agenda I may have.

Our sessions together are a co-designed relationship, a two-way street. Open communication, verbalization of needs and the understanding that the client can make specific requests of the advisor, help to optimize your learning and your being able to apply that knowledge.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Sessions

Be present in your type advisement process – reserve this time as sacred. Turn-off email, cell-phones, and other devices that can divert your attention. Ask the people around you to respect your space for the duration of our session, whether it is via phone or Skype or live.

It is human nature to want to look good. Do not try to impress us or change yourself, because it wastes your time and energy and gets in the way of our being able to help you discern your true personality type and to go forward in using that knowledge to improve your life! As an advisor we do not judge. We’re here to support you and help you improve your understanding of yourself and your motives and your relationships.

Be willing to be transparent and honest.

Homework: think about ways that understanding of type impacts every aspect of relationships.You may send these answers to me in advance if you think it will be beneficial:

  • Regardless of current constraints, how would you like your life and relationships to improve ideally?
  • What are the problems that lack o understanding of others and others misunderstanding you are causing? (Effects on you and those you interact with emotionally, physically, etc.)
  • What systems do you currently do that Is already working for you?
  • What has worked for you in the past?
  • What are your three most important goals in hiring Trinity Interpersonal?

Other Things to Know

Sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time by both the client and adviser. This can be rescheduled (at least 36 hours in advance) recognizing that there is value in being as consistent as possible. Sessions not cancelled in advance will be billed at the agreed upon rate.

Suggestions regarding procurement and/or retention of legal, financial, and accounting documents may be made to expedite the coaching organizing process. However, all final decisions regarding these documents should be made by your personal CPA, Attorney, or Financial Adviser.

Trinity Interpersonal advisers are bound by the APA Code of Ethics. Any physical or verbal content expressed during the course of the project will remain confidential and not be shared with outside parties, unless required by law.

Payment is to be made in advance of the session via check or PayPal. Invoices will be sent via PayPal unless the request for check payment is made.

Live Sessions Rates: $50 / 30 m | $75 / 45 m | $100 / 1 h

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We’re looking forward to working with you.
Here’s to Better Understanding Through Psychetype!