Reply To: How does the Male/Female Dynamic interact with our Psychetype tendencies?

Sarah Adams (INFP)

As a psychologist and the self proclaimed leader of the Feminine Movement 😉 I would have to disagree with the overall argument Alison Armstrong makes here, but agree with a more sophisticated evolution of this thought. All human psyches, spirits, and hearts have the potential to behold and emulate the finest features of both the masculine and the feminine energies. The energies are not limited by one’s anatomical sex, or even by one’s identified gender. Moreover, the energies are not actually opposites nor are they at odds with one another, yet they are complimentary. It is much like Chakra. There is a balance necessary. For example, what happens when a woman is ultra feminine or a man is ultra masculine? In any respect, there is suffering. What happens when a person has a playful, interesting, attractive balance? It’s quite pleasing to say the least.