Reply To: Split: Can Your 4-Letter Typecode Change?


Thanks, Janis! I thought I’d go ahead and extend an exchange re: Christina’s point from the Facebook Group, who raised some similar points. I couldn’t agree more with regard to our human potential for change and growth! The question I always try and ask is not whether or not WE can change (meaning our “Nurture”), but whether our our 4-letter TypeCode represents our hard-wired Nature, or our changeable Nurture.

Carl Jung, originator of the system, believed that our Psychological Type represented our tendencies that were determined in our infancy, and this idea was taken even further by Dr. David Keirsey, who said that it is in our very genetic makeup!

How fortunate for us that WE can change our behavioral patterns! According to the experts who created this sytem, though, our innate Psychological Type, a reflection of our Nature, is something separate from this. We touch on this topic a bit in our Decoder presentation, but we’re always looking for ways to make it clearer, so if you have any thoughts on how we could better explain these points, please let us know! Thanks 🙂