Split: Can Your 4-Letter Typecode Change?

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      They say of the temperaments (me being a Melancholy of the 4) do NOT change. That I can agree with. But I was nothing like an INTP when I was younger. I followed strict rules and imposed them too. Yet I was more creative then. I think life got to me and I tend to “procrastinate” now more than ever. Back then I had discipline, followed rules, never rebelled. Then I was TAUGHT to rebel once I lived in LA and I started loosening up a little once I got into acting. Over the years I started despising “rules.” Is this a thing – starting out something different? Apparently with the 4 temperaments, you are always one way.

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      Interesting re: following rules in your youth. As a fellow INTP, I can definitely relate to that. I think can tend to be later in life that we become more assertive in challenging rules, though perhaps that also relates to shared Capricorn traits? Another point re: the Temperaments, which others often conflate with Temperament, which is all too easy to do… although I would suggest that the part of us that changes doesn’t relate to typology at all. Interesting stuff, regardless!

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      Janis Bryant

      Here’s my take on whether or not our type code can change. I think it bends and becomes more flexible over time in response to life experience. Let’s face it — our priorities are dramatically altered as we age, important people in our life come and go, we make choices to focus on different life goals and follow new paths. Tragedy, loss, death, good fortune; all these can alter our behavior patterns. But I believe our basic type remains as an underlying influence and the signs are evident as the fabric of who we are and how we are wired still controls our thoughts and actions regardless of how differently our perception of self-image may be changed. We must remember that we can never see ourselves as others do, and that independent interpretation can lead to a lot of false assumptions !

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        Thanks, Janis! I thought I’d go ahead and extend an exchange re: Christina’s point from the Facebook Group, who raised some similar points. I couldn’t agree more with regard to our human potential for change and growth! The question I always try and ask is not whether or not WE can change (meaning our “Nurture”), but whether our our 4-letter TypeCode represents our hard-wired Nature, or our changeable Nurture.

        Carl Jung, originator of the system, believed that our Psychological Type represented our tendencies that were determined in our infancy, and this idea was taken even further by Dr. David Keirsey, who said that it is in our very genetic makeup!

        How fortunate for us that WE can change our behavioral patterns! According to the experts who created this sytem, though, our innate Psychological Type, a reflection of our Nature, is something separate from this. We touch on this topic a bit in our Decoder presentation, but we’re always looking for ways to make it clearer, so if you have any thoughts on how we could better explain these points, please let us know! Thanks 🙂

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      Once again, I agree with what everyone has written AND would like to raise the glass ceiling a bit. If ANY aspect of an individual is embodied to an extreme there will be imbalance and pain and there will be changes made. In the course of one lifetime, the observation that the core is still there despite radical changes, is valid and yet in accordance with energetic resonance, over a period of many lifetimes, the changes will become the new core until it becomes an extreme then another core will be the new launch pad until it becomes an extreme. It is my observation of several people I have known and how I have evolved over the course of many lifetimes that a soul will keep incarnating until it has manifested ALL the core types and INTEGRATES THEM ALL IN A BALANCED WAY. Only then does it have free and easy access to ALL the infinite variations possible and is wise enough not to overdo ANY expression. That allows them to act appropriately (nothing in excess and nothing left undone) to all circumstances. I have also observed that those old souls are usually, creative, spontaneous, intuitive, compassionate and free to experience all of life’s possibilities. In other words – they have realized their own innate Divinity which is THE CORE of everything.

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        Thanks, Mark. Regardless of one’s views on divinity and the afterlife, understanding our innate Psychological type (our Nature), shows us how to adjust our habits (our Nurture) to become the most healthy, integrated version of ourselves for the benefit of humanity–and I think that’s a goal most of us can agree on!

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      Sarah Adams (INFP)

      Nathan, That is a view on divinity in and of itself.

      Mark, I agree.

      P.S. Let’s never forget a human being is never black and white. We are each a prism for light to shine through in many different colorful ways. Life is never a destination and always a journey. We humans do our best to work the puzzling phenomena out 3 dimensionally, sometimes getting close and warm, but never definite and on fire. We human beings are indefinite. It’s the paradox we live for.

      Be Lovely Wonderful,
      Sarah Rose Adams

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