How did you first learn about your four letter type?

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      I took a brief two column test that gave a four letter code. When I read the description of my type, iNTj, it blew astrology, handwriting analysis and every other description of my tendencies out of the water.

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      I am an INTP – but I wasn’t always. I studied astrology/numerology in the 90’s so there are some great influences there. When I was growing up I was extremely straight-laced, focused, determined, duty-ful (still am to a point – I dont stop working). In my psychology class in 1996 we took the extensive Myer-Briggs test and I got ISFJ and it was broken down by points and I was nearly even between F and T but very strongly J and I. I was very “strict” with rules and to the extreme, disciplined. I basically learned to let loose once I moved to LA, became a “dreamer,” grew to have more of my OWN mind and voice (and made many enemies from my wisdom and logic) and with absolute disdain of the sheeple mentality of humanity and absolutely AGAINST being a follower, yet have this extreme sensitivity to all that surrounds me in the world that eventually I went nowhere and here I am LOST today – a “P” LOL 🙁

      But even still – I was given an ISFJ profile and I can also relate to it (fact collectors, kind, sympathetic, teachers, conservative). I took this MBTI test years after college and got something else but cannot find that evidence. EVERY test I have taken since has been INTP and I believe I fit this most of this profile, except I am not so “cold.”

      My points during the Myer-Briggs test in 1996 were as follows:
      Extrovert 3
      Introvert 24
      Sensing 15
      Intuitive 8
      Thinking 11
      Feeling 12
      Judging 24
      Perceiving 2

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        Those isfj results are interesting. They show how critical it is to verify whether your results are right by learning about the traits of the 4 basic quadrants (Keirsey called them the 4 Temperaments: SP, SJ, NF, NT). ISFJ is one of the four SJs. I doubt you would identify with the SJ motivations or general traits, but you would fit in with the NT. Learning about the 4 basic quadrants is the best first step to getting it right 🙂

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        Christina: Really interesting point you raise re: not always being an INTP, and one that we actually delve into in our Personality Type Decoder presentation. So interesting, in fact, that I went ahead and forked this into a new thread(!) at:

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      Carrie Cahill

      I first learned about Meyers Briggs during a conversation with Nate Linn. I believe I was INTP but I am probably going to do again as I need to educate myself more about those results. 🙂

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      Hi Carrie, Thanks for sharing! If you’d like to take the latest version of our (free) test online, you can access it here: Keep us posted!

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