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      Matthew over on the NT group ( http://psychetype.com/groups/nt ) posted a cute image of the contrasts between intp and intj posture. Here’s the link to tha image which started a discussion about the outward physical manifestations of J and P traits: https://usercontent2.hubstatic.com/12304449_f520.jpg We cut a bit from that forum below. Share your experiences with us in spotting type!

      “…Body posture can reflect the J tendency to control outcomes and to bring things to conclusions or ends. That trait can be reflected in a kind of inflexibility in the person’s nature which can manifest externally in their posture. Ps are more flexible and pliable by nature, (hence our calling them Pliables instead of Perceivers). Their openness to change and possibilities is manifested in a somewhat more relaxed demeanor. All bets are off for seeing these things as clearly once arthritis sets in, though. 😛”

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      Sarah Adams (INFP)

      And it’s really kool when u can be a P and then just the right amount of J! Brilliance! Pondering this in my PJ’s. GOODNIGHT

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