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      Wow, Sita – valuable insight!! NFs typically have difficulty with this, but especially the iNFp, because they’re naturally so attuned to the needs of others and inclined to bend so much to accommodate others’ wishes. That’s a formula for losing touch with your own needs, for sure. NTs rarely have that problem or SJs, either, for that matter. I believe there’s been research that shows iNFps are the most likely to end up in a career that was wrong for them because they were so desirous to please their parents! So, your figuring out how to regain your sense of what you need by separating and listening to your inner voice is really wise. 🙂

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      Hi Carrie, Thanks for sharing! If you’d like to take the latest version of our (free) test online, you can access it here: http://psychetype.com/test Keep us posted!

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      Those isfj results are interesting. They show how critical it is to verify whether your results are right by learning about the traits of the 4 basic quadrants (Keirsey called them the 4 Temperaments: SP, SJ, NF, NT). ISFJ is one of the four SJs. I doubt you would identify with the SJ motivations or general traits, but you would fit in with the NT. Learning about the 4 basic quadrants is the best first step to getting it right 🙂

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      Matt, you seem to have found balance, which is a good thing!

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      Christina, you sound classic intp, even if it took some time for it to become clear. Intp women are a really rare type, which is a cool thing, though I wonder how many more intps might actually be out there who’ve mistyped as SJs! Setting a new high bar of excellence/ accomplishment and competing with our own self-imposed standard (and feeling like we’re failing ourselves) is a common NT issue.

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