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      My ability to understand people (at times non-verbally) has definitely had an impact in my life. At times, I can intuitively sense needs and meaning in people without them even having to say anything. I also can mediate and help prevent or navigate misunderstandings between others. At times, when I spend a lot of time with a particular person, I actually say what they would say before they do because I am so good at reading them. This makes them feel understood and valued, but it’s not always a good thing. I can sometimes be untrue to myself in meeting others where they are, and mislead them to think that I am more like them than I actually am. My challenge, as I grow is to not always give into the perceived need and especially not to lose myself in meeting the need of the other. It’s easy to be so attuned to the other that I can no longer hear my own inner voice or inner desire. This has caused me to constantly try to be true to myself in all situations. The older I get the easier it becomes!

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      Sita, I have had to cut people out in the past for the same reason. It’s not easy to do! Unfortunately, in the past I haven’t been as communicative about why as I would like, and I think I’ve hurt people out of self-preservation by just running away. It sounds like you handled it much better than that.

      I love your meditation tip! I try to practice mindfulness meditation as much as I can, but it is tough. I think going the extra step when needed and grounding myself through meditation in the moment might really help. Thank you!

      I think that we may always need to have time for ourselves to be our best (as you said). I have noticed that as I get older, I need less time to escape because I try to be present more in the moment at all times and more true to myself at all times. The more I learn to not give too much, the less I need to run away – it’s about finding balance. I also think that the more I know myself, the less I want to associate with people who expect unhealthy things from me emotionally. With that said, if I am really stressed or busy everything goes out the window and I find myself right back at square one. It’s a constant struggle, but it has definitely gotten easier for me, and I hope it continues to do so for me and you!

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